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Source Measurement Unit

Model:     NGU201COM
O/P CH:   1
Options pre-installed:

two-quadrant source measure unit, digital trigger I/O, digital voltmeter functionality, battery simulation

Usual Price: SGD15,025
Promotion discount: 13%

Now at SGD13,070
 13% OFF 

Vector Signal Generator

Model: SMCV100BP2
Freq. range:   4 kHz to 3GHz
Options pre-installed:
AM/FM/φM (via baseband), pulse modulation, custom digital modulation

Usual Price: SGD22,350
Promotion discount: 13%
Now at SGD19,444
 13% OFF 

RF Power Meter

Model: NRX-COM4
Options pre-installed:
second measurement channel, third and fourth R&S®NRP sensor connector, sensor check source

Usual Price: SGD19,445
Promotion discount: 10%
Now at SGD17,500
 10% OFF 

LCR Meter

LCX-Main Page 2.jpg
Model: LCX200COM
Frequency: 10 MHz

Options pre-installed:
advanced analysis option, binning option, extended bias option

Usual Price: SGD27,645
Promotion discount: 10%
Now at SGD24,880
 10% OFF 
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