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Do you want a digital I/O and the ability to remotely control your DC power supply? Or are you looking for maximum power at a variety of operating points? DC Power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz demonstrate high performance of up to 800W with up to 4 output channels combined with various connectivity options.

Are you looking to perform compliance tests with a power analyzer? The fully equipped R&S®HMC8015 can perform compliance tests and enables measurements with basic accuracy of 0.05% without additional tools, such as a computer or remote infrastructure.

Now through March 31, 2021 you can benefit from more than 20% off of a fully equipped power analyzer and DC power supplies with the highest number of channels and all available options.

NGM-COM2a / 2b
NGE-COM3a / 3b
NGL-COM2a / 2b

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