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R&S®NRP-Z211 / NRP-Z221 
Two-Path Diode Power Sensor

Cost-effective solution for production applications
The R&S®NRP-Z211 / NRP-Z221 two-path diode power sensors combine all key characteristics relevant for their use in production. They are cost-effective, fast, precise and USB-capable, offering the best price/performance ratio in their class.

Key facts

  • Innovative two-path diode power sensor with enhanced interrange performance

  • 80 dB dynamic range for CW and modulated signals

  • Continuous average, burst average, timeslot average, time gating and trace mode supported (20 kHz video bandwidth)

  • Automatic burst detection and acquisition

  • Up to 1500 measurements/s (buffered mode)

  • Low sensitivity to harmonics

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