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R&S®NGA100 Power Supply


Linear. Accurate. Affordable.

The R&S®NGA100 power supplies are linear, compact and easy to use. All models have excellent readback accuracy with a low-current range for demanding measurements.

Features such as data logging, arbitrary waveforms, built-in statistics and remote sensing make the instruments ideal for various bench applications. Equipped with a number of different remote interfaces, including USB and Ethernet, the R&S®NGA100 power supplies are also great for automated tests.

The channel fusion feature extends voltage and current range. Get up to 200 V with the R&S®NGA142 in serial mode and up to 12 A with the R&S®NGA102 in parallel mode.
Advanced protection functions keep devices connected and power supplies safe.

Key facts

  • Max. output power: 80 W

  • Max. voltage per channel: 35 V or 100 V

  • Max. current per channel: 2 A or 6 A

  • Up to 200 V in serial or 12 A in parallel mode with Channel Fusion

  • Data acquisition with 10 sample/s

NGA Models

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