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R&S®HMC8015  Power Analyzer

Brief Description

The R&S®HMC8015 power analyzer is the first compact tester for AC/DC load and standby current characterization that enables measurements without additional tools such as a computer or remote infrastructure.

Key Facts

  • Power measurement range: 50 μW to 12 kW

  • Analog bandwidth: DC to 100 kHz

  • Sampling rate: 500  ksample/s

  • 16‑bit resolution for current and voltage

  • Basic accuracy: 0.05 %

  • 26 different measurement and mathematical functions

Features & Benefits

  • Clear display of all measured parameters

    • Brilliant QVGA color display (320 x 240 pixel)

    • Simultaneous display of up to 10 numerical measurement functions

    • User‑configurable measurement display

    • Graphical display modes for inrush, harmonic analysis, waveform and trend chart

  • Measurement accuracy

    • Basic accuracy: 0.05 %

    • Signal acquisition from DC to 100 kHz at a sampling rate of 500 ksample/s

    • Simultaneous display of current and voltage, each with 16‑bit resolution

    • Three‑stage filter system adaptable to the measurement task at hand

    • Long-term data logging in CSV format via USB flash drive

  • Everyday measurement functions

    • Genuine consumption meter thanks to hardware‑based integrator

    • 26 different measurement and mathematical functions

    • Limit testing with PASS/FAIL indication for up to six limits selectable from 14 measurands (e.g. U, I, P, S, Q, F)

  • Ports and extensibility

    • Front panel: 4 mm safety connectors

    • Rear panel: 4 BNC ports for analog and digital inputs and outputs

    • Additional sensor input for current probe or shunt

    • USB port (virtual COM port, TMC)

    • Ethernet port (LXI) with integrated web server

    • IEEE-488 (GPIB) port (R&S®HMC8015-G)

    • Compliance test for key standby and harmonic standards

    • Remote control via SCPI-based commands

    • Driver packages for LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, VXI, IVI.net

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