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R&S®ZPH Cable Rider

Cable and Antenna Analyzer

The R&S®Cable Rider ZPH is a one-port analyzer that has all the essential basic measurement capabilities required for installing and maintaining antenna systems in the field.

Key facts

  • Frequency range from 2 MHz to 3 GHz/4 GHz, upgrade via keycode

  • DTF, return loss, VSWR and one-port cable loss measurements

  • Ideal for field use: 9-hour battery life, 2.5 kg (5.5 lb), backlit keypad, fast boot time, non-reflective display, small form factor, ruggedized housing (IP51)

  • Large color touchscreen

  • Measurement wizard to speed up measurements and eliminate human errors

  • Easy and cost-efficient upgrades of all options via software keycode

Optional Power Measurement

Some applications require very high accuracy to measure and align transmitter levels. The R&S®ZPH-K9 option allows the R&S®Cable Rider ZPH to perform power measurements together with the R&S®NRP-Zxx power sensor series, with a measurement range of –67 dBm to +45 dBm and covering frequencies up to 110 GHz.

R&S®ZPH-K19 channel power meter

Power Meter Histogram

R&S®ZPH-K29 pulse measurement

Directional Power Measurement

R&S®ZPH-K9 power sensor support

Two-Port Combi Model

In many cases, field engineers need multiple instruments to complete their tasks: a cable and antenna analyzer, a spectrum analyzer, a signal generator and a bias source. The two-port combi model R&S®CableRider ZPH now combines all of these instruments into one powerful box.

With spectrum analysis options (R&S®ZPH-K1), user can upgrade the following options:

  • Spectrum analysis measurement application

  • Spectrum analyzer preamplifier

  • Modulation analysis AM/FM/ASK/FSK

  • Interference analysis

  • Signal strength mapping measurement application

  • Advanced gated trigger measurements


Cost-efficient handheld tester for site installation and maintenance

Features fast one-step calibration

Easy to use

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