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Brief Description

Outstanding quality and innovation does not have to come with a high price tag. The R&S®FPC1000 spectrum analyzer delivers unexpected performance at a budget-friendly price. Engineered in Germany and designed to the same quality standards as high-end instruments. Measure with solid RF performance and benefit from a futureready, software-upgradeable feature set. The R&S®FPC1000 has the best display in its class. The R&S®FPC1000 can be controlled via smart wireless remote control software. Excel with these features when using spectrum analysis in education, production, service or basic research.

R&S®FPC Spectrum Analyzer

Key Facts

   I   RF performance engineered in Germany

   I   10.1" WXGA (1366 × 768 pixel) display

   I   Frequency range from 5 kHz to 1 GHz, upgradable to 2 Ghz or 3 GHz with keycode

   I   Resolution bandwidth settings down to 1 Hz

   I   Wi-Fi-enabled, supported by included remote control and measurement software

   I   Three-year standard warranty

Fully frequency-upgradeable

Buy only what is needed. The R&S®FPC1000 is futureviable thanks to the unique Rohde & Schwarz upgrade path. The base unit covers a frequency range from 5 kHz to 1 GHz, with keycode-activated upgrades available.
Effortlessly step up to higher frequency applications with upgrades to 2 GHz or even 3 GHz without additional calibration.

100 % software-upgradeable

Buy as needed. Shipping instruments for feature upgrade is inconvenient for rack-integrated measurement setups. The R&S®FPC1000 can be upgraded by simply entering a software keycode. All options are in place and can be enabled by the user. Upgrade effortlessly and conveniently.

Low noise floor

High sensitivity is critical in many applications, e.g. when measuring extremely weak signals. The R&S®FPC1000 provides an extraordinarily low noise floor of –150 dBm (typ.). Add the optional R&S®FPC1000-B22 preamplifier to increase sensitivity even further down to –165 dBm (typ.).

Measure 10 times more power with the R&S®FPC1000. Most entry level spectrum analyzers can measure up to +20 dBm (100 mW). The R&S®FPC1000 is capable of measuring high power signals of up to +30 dBm (1 W).



The combination of low noise floor and high max. input power provides exceptionally wide measurement dynamic range in the R&S®FPC1000.

High max. input power


Protects your investment

Easy Virtual Control makes it even better

Unexpected RF Performance

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