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R&S®ZND Vector Network Analyzer

A unidirectional VNA that is easily upgraded
The R&S®ZND is a unidirectional vector network analyzer (VNA) up to 4.5 GHz that can easily be upgraded with options to a bidirectional VNA and 8.5 GHz. The user interface with flat, clear menu structures makes operation of the R&S®ZND very efficient. The large touchscreen (12.1") and the flexible arrangement of diagrams and traces allow the user to see all results of interest at a glance.

Key facts

  • Unidirectional two-port network analyzer up to 4.5 GHz

  • Upgradeable with options to 8.5 GHz and/or a full bidirectional test set for displaying all four S-parameters

  • Convenient user interface with wizards and context menus

  • Undo/redo softkeys to cancel or restore the last one to six entries

  • Large touchscreen (12.1")

  • Time domain analysis

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