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Get on the Road to 5G & IoT

Get Wireless Smart in a sustainable Smart Nation

As the world speeds off to new technological frontiers, the exponentially increasing demand for higher data rates, integrated device clusters and overall better user experience is driving new challenges in test and measurement.

From 1G to 5G and beyond within a lifetime, the ability for companies to achieve the quickest time to market will define the eventual landscape of the industry. Even as we get excited about the Internet of Things (IoT), and how it would revolutionize the way we work and live with machines, the imminent need for secured devices, higher speeds, lower costs and infallible networks will demand new answers in these new areas.

Immerse yourself in the different topics around 5G, IoT, wireless connectivity and sustainability. Meet our experts, discuss the challenges and see, touch and feel the solutions and demonstrations at Rohde & Schwarz’s inaugural Technology Symposium 2017.

+ Grand lucky draw with attractive prizes to be

given away as a token of appreciation at the end of the day.


So come join us, register now!

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