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More than 50% off our most popular instrument bundles. All options upfront. Preconfigured for you.

The purchase of T&M equipment is a long-term investment. Some options that are not needed for a current task can become a T&M requirement later, and securing a budget for updates is time-consuming.

Rohde & Schwarz has transformed the market's expectations about purchasing T&M instruments with the introduction of fully equipped, preconfigured instruments at an unrivaled price. With this special offer you don’t need to choose between the upgrades - get them all at once. Whether it is an oscilloscope, DC power supply, spectrum analyzer, power meter or power analyzer, vector network analyzer, signal generator or various handheld antenna analyzers - Rohde & Schwarz has specially created, fully equipped products configured for you.

Promotional offer at a glance:

  • Options included upfront at point of purchase

  • No need to configure, it is taken care of for you

  • Single price for each instrument

  • Maximum bench performance and maximum savings

  • Valid now through March 31, 2021

You do not want to send in ( to test lab) your product sample without any level of confidence at all. Failing the test is both costly and time consuming. 

It is highly recommended to conduct pre-compliance test at your convenience - rectify any failure(s) before hand - send in for testing - peace of mind that it will pass.

Do that and you will not regret the investment.

Take this opportunity now! Three EMI packages for you to choose from, base on your budget and type of application.

(Now till 31 Dec, 2020)

BIRD Thruline Wattmeter Model 43

Purchase of Bird 43 ready stock from Skyral at USD380 NET. What this means is that you safe USA-SG shipping cost worth USD100.

Standard elements can also be ordered together.

Hurry up! While stock lasts.

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