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Vector Network Analyzer

An ideal choice for basic network analysis

The R&S®ZNLE is a user-friendly VNA for basic measurement tasks

The renowned high-quality design, innovative user interface and compact size of the R&S®ZNLE make it ideal for basic VNA applications. The time domain analysis option (R&S®ZNL-K2) and distance-to-fault measurements option (R&S®ZNL-K3) enhance the R&S®ZNLE with essential features for general purpose testing.

Key Facts

  • Broad frequency range: from 100 kHz up to 20 GHz

  • Ideal for production and education

  • Intuitive to configure and use

  • Excellent performance and cost-efficient



All you need for your measurements in one box

The R&S®ZNLE does not require an external PC or monitor to configure the measurement setup. You can start measuring immediately after you switch on the instrument. A powerful, fully integrated PC platform running the Windows 10 operating system makes the R&S®ZNLE a complete, standalone analyzer. The solid-state hard disk delivers fast boot times and the reliability you need for demanding applications. 

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