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Despite careful planning and management of the frequency spectrum, interference is still an everyday problem for many radio communications services.

The effects of radio interference are as diverse as the causes. For example, interference to a TV picture is merely annoying. Dropped mobile phone calls can translate into lost revenue (or even lost customers) for network operators. Especially for critical and security-relevant wireless communications services, interference needs to be resolved with high priority and maximum efficiency.


To do so, it must first be verified, identified and then located.

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Common Interference Sources


The variety of interference sources is almost endless. It will vary depending on the country and RF environment.
A large number of interferers often share a common characteristics. An awareness of these frequently recurring interference sources can save a substantial amount of time and effort when investigating interference.

Sources of interference:-

     |  Noise and Spurious Emissions

     |  Harmonics and Intermodulation

     |  Bidirectional Amplifiers

     |  Cable Leakage

     |  Unlicensed or Wrong Band Operation

Skyral engineers are R&S certified interference source hunter.


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