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Multiple Electric-Field Compensation

The CMCE is designed to protect using counter-measures that control and compensate the electro-atmospheric effects produced by climate change, industrial, meteorological or solar electromagnetic pollution, manifested in the form of electrical storms, electromagnetic pulses, etc. The CMCE is permanently protecting its coverage area to correct the effects of electromagnetic disturbances according to their origin, frequency, voltage and intensity. It compensates and stabilizes the current of the electric charge in the environment by draining them to earth in a harmless milli-Amperes range, thus minimizing the formation of the lightning in its protection area.

The CMCE is the result of the discovery of the behavior of electro-atmospheric phenomena that interact in the atmosphere of our planet. The novelty of this technological development is supported by the well-known laws of OHM and Maxwell's equations, on which this new technology is based. It is essential to achieve, at all times, a stabilized electric field with reference to the earth in the protected area. The system behaves passively during operation to maintaining a clean and
controlled environment free from electrical and magnetic contamination.

CMCE Principle.png

Draining the current to

earth in range of miliamps

De-ionization of electromagnetic fields

to eliminates the formation of lightning 

In 1916 Nikola Tesla in his patent No. 1,.266.175 mentioned that operating principles of a primitive device based on the principles that underpin our developments. It explained the inconveniences caused by the lightning rods, which instead of protecting property and people, attract the rays increasing the possibility of electric discharges and consequently the risk that they entailed.

New materials and designs coupled with years of experience, allow us to turn Nikola's working theory into realization.

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